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Eligibility for Medicaid in New York

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Medicaid is a social services program that provides some New York residents with financial assistance so that they can receive access to health and medical care. Not everyone is eligible for Medicaid, and Medicaid is not the same as Medicare. While Medicare is for practically all adults who have reached the age of 65, Medicaid is only for those with specific financial needs.

It is important for those who may need long-term medical care to consider their eligibility for Medicaid and what role it may play in their future. An elder law or long-term care planning attorney can help an individual understand what role, if any, Medicaid may play in their future. This post will discuss some of the requirements that individuals must meet to be eligible for Medicaid, but readers should not use this post as legal advice.

Medicaid in New York

Medicaid is administered by individual states, and therefore the requirements in New York may not be applicable to residents of other states in the country. To receive Medicaid in New York, a person must apply for it. They must receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), have large medical bills, and meet financial requirements. After providing the proper paperwork, a person may receive Medicaid benefits.

Reimbursement from estates

In some situations, individuals who receive Medicaid may have their Medicaid-covered expenses reimbursed to the state through their end-of-life estates. When a person dies, the amount the benefits they received from Medicaid may be taken from their estate in the form of a reimbursement. This will not be the case for all individuals who receive Medicaid through the state of New York.

Medicaid planning is intricately tied to estate planning and elder law long-term care considerations. For this reason, it is important for those who may require Medicaid services to speak with legal professionals about their options for funding their long-term medical needs.

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